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Originally a drummer by trade, when moving to university halls to study in North Wales, Tom had no option but to leave them behind. However, keen to keep his musical interests alive, he instead packed his acoustic guitar and made for pastures new.

“I didn’t know too much about what I wanted to do at the start. I knew I wanted to be on stage and I knew I wanted to be different. I guess I just followed my passion and everything kind of fell into place.”

Whist studying at university Tom became very interested in the early albums of Bob Dylan, which led to the discovery of American folk icon Woody Guthrie. It was then a ‘down the rabbit hole’ moment for the gunning guitarist, who went on to spend many hours researching American folk, blues and bluegrass artists of old.

Dylan and Guthrie are a huge influence on Tom’s work, and the honesty and integrity found in these American artists is very prevalent in his vocal and guitar work. Tom also takes great inspiration from the likes of Hank Williams, Old Crow Medicine Show, Steve Earle and many more fantastic artists both new and old.

“I love finding traditional songs and seeing what I can do with them, adding in minor chords…completely changing the melodies. I change songs so they mean what I want them to mean to me and my audience.”

Tom’s unique and soulful voice has all the trademark qualities of the historic era he takes so much inspiration from. Its gritty, clear and above all, believable. Add to this his whaling blues harmonica and Tom’s sound is complete – A traditional sound that cuts through a saturated time of macabre acoustic music.

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Live Dates

  • 06.08.2022
    Live in Hawarden

    The Glynne Arms (7pm)

  • 04.09.2022
    Open Mic Host

    Telfords Warehouse


Listed below are various items of press that have been written about Tom’s performances or recorded material:

“Dynamic and charming Americana served up in the best of troubadour traditions.”

Roman Candle Promotions

“A master in keeping it simple but really bloody effective”

Schott’s List Magazine

“An unmistakeable Bluegrass sound…and he just keeps getting better.”

Telford’s Warehouse


Tom’s latest EP ‘Ruining My Mind’ is available on all major streaming services

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